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Security Types/Categories

Security Types/Categories

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Security Types/Categories

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The Types/Categories records perform two functions.  The first is to allow you to set up various categories for securities, which in turn are assigned to each security in the "type", "group", "class", etc. fields.  The category descriptions are used in Captools/net reports in the description field for sub-total rows.  In addition to allowing you to specify just security categories, this table also supports descriptions for some fields from other tables which

can be used for report grouping.


The second function that the Security Types records perform is to define the "default" initial value for a number of parameters which appear in the security record.  These parameters are assigned to a security record based upon its "Type" whenever the security record's "Type" field is changed.


The Security Types record grid view appears as follows:




The first two fields in this record define the category identifier and the category type.


Type/Grp etc. ID - This is the identifier for the grouping category. It can be any short descriptive string of characters, with a limit of 4 characters if the category is a security "Type" or "Currency" and a limit of 8 characters for a "Group", "Class", or "Style", and a limit of 7 characters for a "Region".  Other Type/Grp etc. Id sizes vary depending upon the field type, e.g the "Acct Code" field is only one character long.


Category - This field defines which security record field is to be initialized by the record.  The possible selections are listed in the edit drop-down list as follows:





Identifier Description - This field contains the description that will be used in the description field in report subtotal records.


Benchmark Index..TaxWH Factor - These fields all specify the initialization value to be used for the equivalent fields in a Security ID record when it is newly created.  This initialization value is assigned to the Security ID record whenever the "Type" field is changed.


Min Trade Amt., Min Trade Qty, Min Hold Days - These fields are used by the Pro/Enterprise version to initialize the corresponding fields in the Account Allocations records used in the "Allocation Trade" and "Swap Trade" portfolio rebalancing utilities.


Settle Days - The days required for a trade in this security type to "settle".  This is used on the portfolio position view to compute any unsettled shares from recent trades.


Plot Color - This field can be used to specify the fill color used for a category on pie charts.


Hide Categ Rpt Detail - This field is active at the Level-4/higher version of the software.  Checking the checkbox for a record signifies that in reporting only the subtotal values will appear in certain reports, with the detail records hidden.  This can be useful if the investment category contains one or more "managed" accounts where reporting the detail complexity is not desired.  For this functionality to be implemented, you must also check a checkbox labeled "Can Hide Category Detail" in the report options:




Other Fields - The remaining fields all contain values which will be used to initialize a security record, if the "Category" is set to "Type".  If the Category is not "Type", the field contents are not used for any purpose, and are according displayed as blank.


Importance - The Security Type records are essential to the proper operation of Captools/net because they define security categories.  You should take care that you have set up these records to define and implement the security categories you wish to follow.