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The Captools/net desktop toolbar appears below the program title bar and menu:




The toolbar allows you to execute some of the more common CT/net commands via clicking on an icon.  You may discern the function of each item by waving the cursor over each icon, for example for the "Compute" command:




These icons or buttons perform the commands as described in the hint (as shown above) when you wave the cursor over them (a field or record must be selected for the hint to appear).  Note that the keyboard shortcut for these command is also provide in the hint:


dtSaveButton   Save and Refresh current data to server (Ctrl+S)


dtPrintButton  Print Current View (Ctrl+P)


dtcutbutton  Cut selected data (Ctrl+X)


dtcopybutton Copy selected data (Ctrl+C)


dtpastebutton  Paste previously cut or copied data to selected field (Ctrl+V)


dtundobutton  Undo last edit operation (Ctrl+Z)


dtfindbutton  Find first instance of specified value (Ctrl+F)


dtsearchbutton Search incrementally for specified value (Shift+Ctrl+F)


dtcomputefieldCompute Field(s) on selected rows (Ctrl+M)


dteditcurrentbutton  Edit the Current record in an edit dialog (Ctrl+E)


dtviewlogbutton View the recent Captools/net desktop events



dtswitchviewsbutton  Switch between views of current table


dtcheckforupdatebutton Check your server for Captools/net Desktop Program Updates


dtactivatecontexthelpbutton Activates Context Help (Ctrl+F1),  This causes the cursor to change to a "?", which when clicked over an item will try to activate the relevant help.


dtgoonlinebutton   Go on-line.  This reconnects the Captools/net Desktop program with the Captools/net server.


dtsendscreenshotsbutton  Send shot of current screen view to Captools Co.  for technical support analysis.


dtexitbutton  Exits the Captools/net Desktop program.