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Captool for Windows is the predecessor product to Captools/net.  We are no longer issuing new licenses or key-codes for this product, though we reserve the right to do so in special circumstances.  Support for this product was discontinued at the end of 2007. Users of this product should understand that Captool for Windows may not operate on newer hardware and operating systems.  


Professional Licensees - Professional Captool for Windows licensees should now be transitioned to Captools/net. Captools/net includes a data conversion function which make this relatively easy.  If your license is current and you are ready to make the conversion, please email your request to with the subject "Captools/net" and your license number.  We review your eligibility for upgrade and confirm that your hardware and operating system meet requirements prior to emailing you a link to download the installation package along with relevant instructions.


Non-Pro Licensees - In recognition of the desire of some individual investors to continue tracking their investments in Captools, we have introduced a Personal Wealth Manager edition of Captools/net  Since this version will involve an annual fee, non-professional licensees who would rather not upgrade, should accordingly retain their current computers if Captool for Windows is a critical application for you.