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MS Small Business Server

MS Small Business Server

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MS Small Business Server

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Due to the default configuration of the Microsoft Small Business Server some additional steps may need to be taken as follows to successfully install Captools/net:

Add the "IUSR_" to the "Users" group:

1.) Open "Control Panel", "Administrator Tools" and then "Active Directory Computers and Users".

2.) Locate the "IUSR_<MachineName>" user and double click it.

3) Click on the "Member Of" tab and add the "Users" group to make the "IUSR_..." a member of the "Users" group.

Grant permissions to the physical Captools/net folders:

1.) Grant the "Users" group permissions to the "CTWebscripts", "client" and "WU" folder under the "Captoolsnet Server" folder (under the "Program Files" folder).


Please also see the Troubleshooting topic Desktop Connection 403 Error for additional direction on MS-SBS installation issues.


Microsoft Small Business Server 2011

This version of Small Business Server requires several manual adjustments to allow it to run 32-bit programs, as describe in the following link.

SBS Server 2011 Fixups  (