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How to Move Installation to a new computer or drive

How to Move Installation to a new computer or drive

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How to Move Installation to a new computer or drive

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Moving to a New Machine

If you need to move the Captools/net Server installation to another computer, please do NOT try to accomplish this with third party software which supposedly can move software between machines.  Such software will NOT work for Captools/net because it will perform the necessary system configurations that the Captools/net installer will perform.  Furthermore such software may make it more difficult to subsequently install Captools/net because it may perform partial configurations which could make it difficult to do a subsequent installation.

Please instead follow the following steps to accomplish a move to a new machine:

a.) On your "Old" machine, run the Captools/net Server Control panel and click the "Backup Ct/Net DB" option to create a final backup. This will take several minutes. This backup must later be copied to the new installation machine.

b.) The backup folder will be placed in the folder you previously specified as the backup location.  Click "Configurations/Backup/Update options" to see the path to that location.  Copy the most recent backup folders to a USB drive or to a shared network location so you will be able to access it from the new machine. We think it is a good idea to have at least quarter's worth of backups from the old machine moved to the new machine, just in case they are later needed.

c.) On your "New" machine, download and save the Captools/net Setup program from Be sure to save this to your "Downloads" folder, otherwise Windows may not let you run it.

d.) Right click and use "Run as Administrator" to start the CTNetSetup.exe. After agreeing to the license terms, choose the "Automatic" install and new database options. The SQL Server Express and Windows IIS will be installed and configured first. (Note: a "demo" database will be installed, but will later be replaced with your data when you restore your backup).

e.) Next, the setup program will download and run the Captools/net Installer program.  During this stage, you will be prompted whether to install for "all users of the machine" or for just yourself". ALWAYS select the "for all users" option because otherwise the Captools/net programs will NOT be placed  the "Program Files" folder.  If you are installing Captools/net to a location other than the "C" drive, change the prefix letter to the new drive.

f.) Once Captools/net is installed, the Captools/net "Server Control Panel" will run, and you will be prompted for a keycode. Please note the four characters in the third field of the keycode box.  Please call or email Captools Co. and provide them with those characters. We will then provide you with the full keycode.  If you call during our working hours, our support staff can  also help you with the rest of the install if necessary (e.g. resolve any issues with the SQL or the IIS).

g.) After the Installation is complete, run the Captools/net Server Control Panel.  Click on the "Backup" button to create a backup of the demo data base.  This will create a "Backup" folder under the \ProgramData\Captools Net\ folder.

h.) Next, under the "Utilities" menu click the "Open Program Data Folder" option.  Use "Explorer" to find your backup files that you placed on the USB drive or network.  Move these into the Backup folder under \ProgramData\Captools Net\.

i.) Next, click on the "Restore Ct/net DB" button.  Choose the most recent backup that you moved from your old computer and click "Okay".  This will restore the data from your old computer to the new installation.

j.) Finally, observe the Captools/net Server Control Panel and note if any line is in Red color. If so, then this may indicate that additional configurations need to be run or re-run.  Please contact Captools Co. support for assistance on this.

Note: if the install does not complete and keeps repeating IIS configuration scripts, this means the IIS setup failed. In this situation please contact Captools Co. support to assist in a manual install of the IIS.


Re-Installing on existing machine

In you are re-installing on the same computer in which the program was previously installed (e.g. on a different drive or from the "Local User" folder to the "Program Files" folder), you will need to perform the following additional steps prior to running the re-installation:

1) Uninstall Captools/net software using the Programs & Features item in the MS Windows control panel.  Right click on the Captools/Net Server Suite and choose the "Uninstall" option.

1) Use the Windows "RegEdit" command to open the Windows registry.  Locate the "Captools" entries in the registry under "Hkey_Current_User/Software" and under "Hkey_Local_Machine/Software".   Delete the "Captools" registry entries (or rename these to "Captools_Old") by right clicking on these entries.  This will ensure that new registry entries pointing to the correct file paths get created during the re-install.  (you can alternatively drill down in these entries and change the file path manually, but this can be tricky).

2) Run the Windows IIS Manager, (go to Windows Control Panel, click on Administrative tools, then "Internet Information Manager".  Drill down to "Sites/Default Website".  Remove "CTWebscripts", "Express Web Framework" and "WU" items (right click and click "Remove").  These will be re-created when you run "CTNetSetup" upon re-installing.

3) In the Windows IIS Manager, click on the topmost item in left panel.  Then open "ISAPI and CGI Restrictions" item.  Therein delete all items that pertain to Captools/net (description contains "Captools/net" or "CTWebControl").

4)  In the Windows IIS Manager, next click on the "Application Pools" item and delete all items that pertain to Captools/net ("CTNetAppPool").

5) Restart your machine.  Look for the original instance of the "Captools Company" under "Program Files" or "Program Files (x86)" and rename that folder to "Captools Company.Old".  Also rename "ProgramData/Captools Net" to "ProgramData/Captools Net.Old".  This will force a recreation of these on re-install and will prevent valuable data from being overwritten.

6) Proceed to the steps above for installing on a new machine.


Moving the Captools/net Desktop Custom Grid Preferences

The Captools/net Desktop Custom Grid Preferences are stored in the Windows Registry on each desktop machine.  To move these to another machine:

1) At the Windows "Run" prompt on your old installation (click "Start Icon", see edit box at bottom of dialog), type in "RegEdit" and hit "Enter".  This opens the Windows Registry.

2) Drill down to to "Hkey_Current_User/Software/Captools/Captools Grid Prefs Key".  Right click on the "Captools Grid Prefs Key" item and click on export.  This will save it to a file that you will move to your new machine.

3) On the new machine, open the Registry and click on "File/Import" to import the registry file you just exported.  This will update the registry for the Captools/net Desktop settings.